About us


Who Owns TECHFunder?

TECHFunder.com is owned and operated by Spectikon Corporation. Spectikon is a holding corporation for FinTech and related companies. Spectikon owns Smart Crowdfunding who have operated in the crowdfunding space since 2012 when the crowdfunding industry was in it's infancy. In fact, Smart Crowdfunding was the forth crowdfunding focused marketing agency to enter the market globally at the time. Spectikon also owns CrackerJack Agency, a Hi-Tech Marketing Automation company.


Our management team is made up of crowdfunding veterans with over 30 years of combined experience within the industry.

For more than 8 years we have watched and learned exactly what the market wants and needs. it is our mission to provide a safe and secure environment where we put our backers and investors first. 

Our Platform

The TECHFunder Platform (the “Platform”) is a blockchain focused crowdfunding platform, connecting those with an active need for funding with crowds of backers and investors. The Platform can be used by anyone connected with tech, whether as an entrepreneur, a team, an enterprise, or any other type of organization.

Initially launching as a Rewards Based crowdfunding platform during July 2020, TECHFunder will evolve to present projects where private individuals, groups, angel investors, companies, SME’s, institutions and hedge funds can all participate in the funding of projects they find attractive and promising.

TECHFunder  brings a safe and secure fundraising ecosystem to market. Our in-development proprietary fundraising solution, allows the “crowd” to control when funders contributions are released to project owners, according to pre-set agreements and a unique voting system. If project milestones are not met, funders will be entitled to either withhold milestone payments or to receive a refund of the remaining funds.

We are currently developing a detailed whitepaper of our systems and services. This will explain what we can offer our funders and how we will secure the our system in general. For complete transparency, we will use external auditors to verify any claims made.


It is only natural to give our community the opportunity to participate in the development of our groundbreaking TECHFunder platform. We will enable you to participate by funding us at an early pre-seed stage, securing yourself the rights to a service that you will benefit from and be really proud of.

We have set up our Social Media channels where we will update on our progress and is the place where our community can discuss this project. This is also the first place we will issue our statements on how you can participate in the development of the TECHFunder platform.

You are welcome to join or apply to list your upcoming project here> https://prelaunch.techfunder.com/

Facebook: https://t.me/Tech_Funder

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tech_funder

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/10695016/